What’s in a trend? When it comes to jewelry, David and I are noticing more of our customers seeking out pieces with meaning. Whether it be transforming a piece of heirloom jewelry, or someone seeking a unique, original handmade design from either of us, we are seeing customers’ taste leaning toward bespoke, artisanal, and sustainability.

Gold Rectangle Ring with Diamond

Hand hammered gold rectangle set with .10ct natural champagne diamond, sterling silver band.


platinum wedding ring diamond

Platinum wedding band, 6mm wide, 1.01ct white diamond set in heavy platinum bezel.


“Bespoke” is an old-fashioned word for a modern concept: An object made to unique specifications. As people seek more meaning, they are turning towards custom jewelry design. The customer becomes inseparable from the piece; they can put their heart and soul into a creation that will endure, and is much more than a decorative object. Examples of this are the two rings above; the first was designed to a customer’s specification to commemorate a milestone anniversary, the platinum ring below was created with the customer’s diamond into a new, modern design to suit her active lifestyle. We often work with treasured heirlooms and redesign them into something very new. David’s Custom Commissions Gallery shows some of the latest examples of this.

Black Opal Diamond Gold necklace

Custom necklace of 18k gold, set with 4.65ct Austrailian Black opal, surrounded by .35tcw white diamonds. 3/4″ wide x 1 1/4″ tall.


Steel 18k fused gold Link Bracelet

Steel fused with 18k gold, linked with sterling silver jump rings. 2″ wide. $985


Tired of seeing the same old solitaire diamond ring or boring pearl stud earrings? So are many others! Hand made, artisanal, one of a kind jewelry is gaining momentum. David and I called it “pandemic jewelry” for a while because in 2020 and 2021 our customers sought out our art jewelry more than ever. We feel like the trend is going to be around a while. We’re seeing more requests for larger, unique stones set in interesting settings, like David’s black opal in gold necklace above. Gail is seeing a surge of collectors for her unique steel and gold jewelry, like the rectangle link bracelet above. Owning a one of a kind piece is satisfying and it is a bold statement that sets you apart!

Diamond Gold and Silver Ring

Sterling silver flared band, 18k gold square, 4mm natural brown rosecut diamond set in sterling silver. $675


Inlay Diamond Platinum Ring

Platinum ring set with customer supplied CVD diamond, turquoise, sugilite and lab-grown opal inlay.


Customers are becoming more aware of dwindling resources and the environmental cost of extraction and manufacture. This is reflected in the choices they are making as consumers. Here at Golden Anderson studios, we strive to use recycled and recyclable materials as much as possible. We delight in reusing and purchasing recycled precious metals and gemstones for exciting new designs. We source lab-grown diamonds and other gems at the customer’s request. Our studio and showroom is located in the quiet countryside outside Taos, New Mexico, surrounded by natural beauty, and we work to maintain a healthy environmental stewardship on the ranch land we occupy. This philosophy is reflected in our jewelry and our business. Our story continues to evolve. We’d love to hear yours!