About David B. Anderson

“I love the process of hand making beautiful jewelry, of being a goldsmith. The physical act of creating, of using my hands to express deeper inspiration, connects me to the source of my art. The traditions and history of Taos and other cultures are expressed in my designs. Many of my fabrication techniques are based on Old World traditions, yet I also embrace modern technology. I make many of my own tools and alter existing tools to make them work better. I am fascinated by the vast array of techniques involved in making art jewelry.” David is widely considered the foremost jewelry repair expert in Taos, especially heirloom and vintage jewelry. He loves turning antique gems and settings into completely new works of art for his clients, and teaches jewelry making classes in his studio by appointment. In addition to his online store and showroom, David’s work can be found at the Millicent Rogers Museum in Taos New Mexico.
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