It’s been an interesting fall for making jewelry! With the Covid-19 pandemic shutting our studio and showroom down for a while, I was able to think about what’s going on in our state and the US in general a lot more, and I decided to make myself some bling.


Then I posted it. The results were overwhelming! I ended up putting the design into production, although I decided because of time constraints to cut them all out by hand. I’m here to admit sawing is not my favorite part of jewelry production so it was truly a labor of love.

Well, the orders kept coming in. There were many broken saw blades and some words spoken that you shouldn’t share with your grandma, but I persisted.

I produced them a dozen at a time, got them out to the customers, then produced another dozen. Everyone was thrilled with the end result, and there are many happy voters out there. So, if you haven’t already, vote early, register to vote, vote by mail or absentee. It is your right.

Oh, and also, another custom one of a kind order came out of all this sawing:

I love my customers! The deadline is past to order jewelry ahead of November 3, but contact me if you are interested in word jewelry of your own!