My husband David Anderson and I are about halfway through the process of building our new studios! It’s been an interesting journey, of visualizing how we will use our new space  (and how that will change once we actually start using it), and of living in an apartment in the back that is much smaller than the space we’re used to sharing together (purge!). We decided to make the skeleton a steel structure, because it’s affordable, recyclable, and it reflects our philosophy of “making” in metal! To us there is no more beautiful material to express our creative process. I don’t recommend building in the winter, we already knew how brutal it could be, but everyone is hanging in there and making it happen! Because I tend to be a “big picture” person, I am already planning landscaping and a garden, and Phase II of building which will involve more building. Oh, and did I mention more building.

Studio wall

The Studio being built

The Early Stages of Building

I started making jewelry at a desk I bought at a second-hand store for $15. It was in the bedroom of a house I co-rented with a friend. I had my torch on the porch on a table I bought for $5. To me it was the best setup imaginable, because I was doing something I loved! It was also a very creative time for me. It’s not always about the tools and the space. Art starts with the vision and you find a way to give it expression. I hope all “makers” find a way to keep sharing their beauty with all of us!