Seco land

Raw Land, Fall 2012

After an all-encompassing project, we are finally moved into our new studio space! My husband David and I have been working on this project for about a year now. From choosing the land, to working with various county offices for permits and land development, to hiring the contractor and pouring the slab on December 21, 2012 (shortest, and in our opinion, the coldest day of the year), to watching the metal structure go up, it has been a real labor of love and learning. The space itself is spacious and comfortable. With studio area in the front and a cozy living space in the back, it is a real artists’ haven. We wanted to create a space where our own creativity could thrive, and I think we’ve done it! There were thrilling moments and a few meltdowns, and many lessons in patience and diplomacy. The weather was not on our side for most of the project but the crew, Charlee, Johnny and Steven, pushed on! Much tougher than me! One of the best aspects of this new building is the skylights that allow in so much natural light that we don’t even use overhead lighting till after dark. Oh, and I can hang stuff on the wall by using magnets! Love that!

building in winter

That’s the building, on the horizon


The slab, being finished on Dec. 21, 2012, Winter Solstice


Pre-slab Plumbing Work! David was the main plumber on our job. A real labor of love


Framing within the metal structure

inside with Lily

I visit the jobsite on a particularly cold day, with Lily, who approves!


Putting on the “Skin”

studio almost finished

The Studio has taken shape!

gail studio early setup

My side of the studio, not finished, but ready for creating