Jewelry designers commonly declare they draw design inspiration from nature. Some meticulously copy nature to recreate life-like replicas, others will reference natural design elements in a more abstract way. Being the outdoorsy type, I am also inspired by natural forms and colors. I prefer to interpret the essence or spirit of the object. My customers often remark that my designs are contemporary and bold, even though that might not have been my original intention. Designs flow through the maker, forever marked by individual vision.

This oyster earring and pendant set is a collaboration between my client and me. It’s made from steel with 20k gold fusing, sterling silver, and freshwater pearls.

These tiny Pebbles earrings were inspired by watching water flow over river stones and catch glints of sunlight. They are hand hammered sterling, ranging in size from 6mm to 4mm, each with an 18k gold bead.

This Sunburst bracelet evolved from watching the atmospheric dance of rain and storm clouds, creating rainbows over mountains.

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