I recently took a fantastic workshop with Bette Barnett of Studio Migoto that focused on fusing powdered metals to one of my favorite metals to work in, low carbon steel (also known as iron). There was also an emphasis on designing with industrial perforated sheet.

Not only was the workshop fun and informative, but I learned a new technique that you will be seeing more from me in the future. Here are some results:

steel jewelry

Perforated mild steel fused with white bronze, silver, and 18k gold. Sterling silver rain chain.


steel jewelry fused with metal

Steel fused with white bronze and copper. Burnt Orange diamond set in 14k gold bezel. Sterling silver bail and chain.


steel jewelry fused with gold

Synclastic steel earrings, fused with 18k gold powder. Sterling silver posts and earnuts.


steel jewelry fused with gold

Steel anticlastic earrings fused with 18k gold powder, sterling silver posts and earnuts.