I’m not sure what it is about diamonds. More than any other gemstone I work with, my clients relate to diamonds on an emotional and symbolic level. Before the 20th century, diamonds were harder to buy and were not favored as a “commitment” gem. Stones like sapphire, ruby and emerald were higher priced and more popular. Diamonds have a dark history associated with brutal mining conditions for workers, and cartel-like global marketing. Yet they endure, dazzle, enchant. As a jewelry maker I love working with diamonds because of their hardness and the way they turn an ordinary piece of metal into something worthy of coveting.

I’m seeing a trend of people commissioning new designs, people who have inherited special diamonds from loved ones, or own jewelry set with diamonds and decide the current setting is not “who they are” anymore, and want to update and freshen their pieces. Since diamonds are practically indestructible, they can certainly outlast many a design or setting. The image below is a ring I recently finished for a client who wanted to remember her mother by putting heirloom diamonds in a new design to honor her mom’s love of the mountains and winter, a passion they shared.